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Surface Transportation

Highway and Transit Infrastructure Funding By the Numbers

Last week, lawmakers in the House of Representatives did something we haven’t seen them do in a long time — they passed a long-term surface transportation bill that both Republicans and Democrats support. Because the Senate passed its own version of a surface transportation bill already, Congress may actually be poised to complete the first […]

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Putting Disadvantaged Americans Back to Work is the American Thing to do

July 2, just two days before the anniversary of our nation’s independence, is “Buy Made in the USA” Day. During this most patriotic of American weeks, we should be celebrating the American dream — that idea that with a little hard work, anyone can build a solid, middle-class lifestyle for themselves and their family. Instead, […]

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Shelve Transportation Jobs Bill Until Fast Track Legislation is Completed? No Thanks

By Ed Wytkind

So now putting thousands of Americans at risk of more job-killing trade deals is more important than passing a surface transportation bill that puts hundreds of thousands to work? It appears for some the answer is yes. Of course, for the rest of us that is an absurd proposition. Congress should not even take up […]

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Grow America 2.0: Reenergizing the Transportation Debate

By Ed Wytkind 15358722843_5a259e526a_o

If you commute to work, the odds are good that you spend your time dodging potholes, or stuck in traffic that sprawls out as far as the eye can see, or watching from the bus stop as at-capacity buses pass you by. Whatever your experience each morning and afternoon, your commutes are a constant reminder […]

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Devolution: Impractical and Unviable at Best

By Ed Wytkind 15792616267_3fd08dda72_o

The weather’s getting warmer, and with that we’re flashing back to last summer in more ways than one: once again, we’re just two and a half months out from watching the Highway Trust Fund go bankrupt. The last short-term extension, which Congress passed last August, will keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent until May 31st of […]

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Often Overlooked, Infrastructure Receives John Oliver Boost

By Ed Wytkind 15368994994_94e8463b3a_k

For a few short minutes two weeks ago, 4.1 million Americans may have understood the problems of failing to invest in our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. It wasn’t because a bridge collapsed; it wasn’t because a sinkhole opened up in the middle of a highway; and it wasn’t because of an accident on an aging transit […]

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Growing Intercity Bus Sector Can and Must Get Safer

By Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO

It may come as a surprise to some that one of the fastest-growing modes of transportation in the U.S. is intercity bus. After decades of declining ridership, intercity bus service has rebounded in a big way, boasting eight consecutive years of consistent growth. Driving this comeback are service modernization efforts, growing onboard amenities, and additional […]

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Preview of 2015 Surface Transportation Agenda

By Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO 15790969178_b379947d00_o

In 1993, Intel shipped the first-generation Pentium chips and Nintendo released Star Fox for the Super Nintendo system; the average monthly rent was $532.00; and tuition to Harvard University cost $23,514. A lot has changed since then. One thing, though, hasn’t changed at all: the federal gas tax. When last raised – to 18.4 cents […]

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The Year of Accountability?

By Ed Wytkind 15952578686_55f6c8f2d6_o

With the new Congress now firmly in place and working (well, sort of), the first couple of months of 2015 have been fascinating as politicians stake out new ground and rehash old positions. But if I had my 15 minutes of fame sitting in the corner offices of Senate and House leadership, I’d make the […]

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Momentum Building for a Gas Tax Hike

By Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO Earl1 Gas tax Press 02.2015 - featured

Historically, our nation’s transportation system has supported peerless economic growth and a strong market for goods and services, all while creating and sustaining millions of middle class jobs. In past years, however, insufficient funding has left our transportation system to languish, so that our mass transit system careens from one budget crisis to the next […]

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