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The Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO, a coalition of 37 member unions, provides a bold voice for workers in every mode of transportation – both in the private and public sector – and is devoted to protecting middle-class jobs, expanding collective bargaining, and ensuring modern, safe, and secure transportation operations and infrastructure.

In an era of extreme partisan discord, TTD serves as a unifying voice for working people in the transportation sector. We counter the influence of the corporate lobby and combat the misguided proposals of special interests and think tanks who seek to sacrifice good jobs and workers’ rights in the name of profit and ideology.

TTD’s effectiveness in the transportation advocacy arena is a product of its ability to develop substantive expertise on major transportation issues, combine that knowledge with aggressive public messaging on often nuanced and complicated policy positions, and coordinate support among a richly diverse mix of affiliated unions.

Since 1990, we have dedicated our policy leadership and expertise to ensuring that private and public sector transportation unions from all segments of the passenger and freight industries have a voice in the policy and political arena. We push back on reckless austerity proposals and advocate for federal investments that modernize transportation systems, boost our economy, and create middle-class jobs; champion strong and well-enforced collective bargaining and worker protection laws; fight privatization, outsourcing, and trade policies that harm workers and the public interest; and coordinate bipartisan efforts to enact transportation safety and security reforms that protect workers and the American people.

Above all, TTD recognizes that transportation workers and their unions are stronger and more effective when they are working together on a common agenda focused on the women and men who operate, build, maintain, and service America’s complex transportation system and infrastructure. Representing 37 unions and several million workers, we provide a platform for transportation unions and their members to speak with clarity and authority on the major transportation policy challenges facing the nation. And above all, we remain united on a policy agenda focused on defending and creating middle class transportation jobs.