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Anthony Foxx Gets it Right: Transportation is key to upward mobility

The ability to lead a middle-class lifestyle is about having access to resources — including good jobs, good schools, nutritious food, adequate medical care and fair housing. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx recently hit the nail on the head when he pointed out in a recent blog post that transportation is crucial to connecting people […]

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TTD Stands with United Flight Attendants Fighting for Fair Contract

By Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO Ed_AFA-CWA_Rally_Dulles_2

Thousands of flight attendants at United Airlines hubs across the globe are standing up to say enough is enough — and we stand with them. Yesterday, the Joint Negotiating Committee of AFA-CWA flight attendants held an International Day of Action to draw attention to the absurd refusal by United to bargain in good faith with […]

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TTD Supports Proposal to Streamline Certification Process for Drivers with Diabetes

By Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO

For far too long, drivers with well-controlled diabetes have been prohibited from operating commercial motor vehicles without first maneuvering through a complicated certification process to prove they are healthy enough to drive. TTD supports a commonsense proposal by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that would end this discriminatory practice. While the presence of […]

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Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez Agrees: PORTS Act Is Unnecessary

Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez threw cold water on efforts by some in Congress to pass port-specific changes to labor law that would undermine the collective bargaining process and make it more difficult to reach negotiated settlements in the port sector. Secretary Perez echoed what we’ve been saying all along: legislation like the Protecting Orderly […]

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Putting Disadvantaged Americans Back to Work is the American Thing to do

July 2, just two days before the anniversary of our nation’s independence, is “Buy Made in the USA” Day. During this most patriotic of American weeks, we should be celebrating the American dream — that idea that with a little hard work, anyone can build a solid, middle-class lifestyle for themselves and their family. Instead, […]

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Congressional Leaders, President Obama Can End Cycle of Flat-Line Funding for Highway and Transit Investments

By Ed Wytkind

During an unfortunate era in Washington defined by inaction and indecision, it felt like a breath of fresh air when the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW) reported out a multi-year highway title as part of the rewrite of the surface transportation bill. This move, by Senators James Inhofe (R-OK) and Barbara […]

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Hear Ed Wytkind Discuss Rail Safety, the PORTS Bill and the Highway Trust Fund on America’s Workforce Radio

Earlier this week, TTD President Ed Wytkind discussed the latest issues facing America’s transportation and infrastructure systems – and their effects on working people – on America’s Workforce Radio. You can listen to the show on our Move America blog. Topics covered in the show include safety issues in our rail industry, a new bill […]

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Secretary Foxx’s Transportation Workforce Initiative Offers Opportunity to Teach Students about Unions

By Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO ATU local 1277, LA_small

Last week, Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx launched a new initiative urging transportation workers to introduce young people to jobs in their respective industries. The Ladders of Opportunity – The Future Workforce Initiative aims to change the employment landscape for millennials by encouraging students to look to the transportation industry for work. The timing couldn’t […]

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Inward-Facing Cameras a Distraction from Serious Rail Safety Debate

By Ed Wytkind 0902379e80004e56

The Amtrak crash in Philadelphia has reopened the debate about what can done to make passenger and freight rail safer for both passengers and workers. At recent Senate Commerce Committee and House Transportation and Infrastructure hearings, a number of solutions were proposed, including immediately installing inward-facing cameras in locomotive rail cabs. Proponents of cameras argue […]

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Norwegian Air Tries to Fool U.S. DOT with Latest ‘Promises’


Remember that bad joke we told you in back in 2013? The one about the Norwegian airline that plans to register in Ireland and base its employees — hired through a Singaporean agency — in Bangkok? Well, it only gets worse — or more laughable, depending upon your level of cynicism. Norwegian Air International (NAI), […]

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