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Larry Willis Discusses Trump’s Infrastructure Plan, NAI and more on America’s Workforce Radio

Secretary-Treasurer Larry Willis and America’s Workforce Radio host Ed “Flash” Ferenc discussed the ongoing Norwegian Air International campaign, President-elect Trump’s infrastructure plan and looked ahead at next steps for TTD and the labor movement during a recent radio interview. It’s obvious that America’s deteriorating transportation system and infrastructure need a serious upgrade, but will Donald […]

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Thank a Transportation Worker

As Americans across the country venture out during the busiest travel time of the year to gather with friends and loved ones, we hope they will take a moment to recognize the transportation employees who make the holidays possible. Represented by TTD’s 32 affiliated unions, the men and women who work on the frontlines operating, […]

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Ed Wytkind on The Huffington Post—Let’s Review the Tape

No, not that tape. We’ve seen it more than we care to admit and yes, it is repugnant. But I’m referring the tale of the tape comparing Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on key issues that working people in transportation sectors care about. Transportation unions have spent more than a year in this presidential […]

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Ed Wytkind Discusses the #SheWillFixIt Campaign on America’s Workforce Radio

On Monday’s America’s Workforce Radio, TTD President Ed Wytkind spoke about TTD’s #SheWillFixIt campaign, which focuses on this election’s impact on transportation and our nation’s crumbling transportation infrastructure. Ed admits that staying on the issues, “is not always easy during this election.” But when you do look at issues related to transportation infrastructure, there really […]

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Investments in Public Transportation aren’t Wasteful, They’re lifelines to Economic Progress

What happens when America fails to invest in its public transportation and commuter rail systems? If you guessed Zombiepocalypse, you aren’t far off. Just check out last week’s New York Times article “New Jersey Transit, a Cautionary Tale of Neglect,” which connects the dots between failing to invest in public transportation (and the infrastructure needed […]

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Note to FAA Employees, TSOs: Real Estate Mogul Trump is No Fan of Yours

While Donald Trump’s scandals keep crowding out important policy issues in this election, the Trump-Pence platform is a menace if you work in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or on the frontlines of federal aviation and transportation security. That’s because Trump says he’ll take aim at federal workers, including the people who make sure our […]

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Join Us in #SheWillFixIt Launch

    For months now, coverage of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has saturated our nation’s news coverage. And thanks to Trump’s ability to swamp the media with the insults he hurls and gaffes he makes, that coverage is too often light on substance. Not enough is being reported on or shared with voters about […]

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Our country’s two presidential contenders will take the stage tonight to lay out their vision for the future of our country. There’s a lot at stake for America’s working families, but there’s one issue critical to working people and businesses that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves: transportation. Our transportation system has faced decades […]

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Ed Wytkind Discusses the Transportation Policies of Clinton and Trump on America’s Workforce Radio

Last week, TTD President Ed Wytkind joined America’s Workforce Radio to lay out the differences between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump when it comes to transportation issues. In a recent blog about the Trump-Pence platform, TTD highlighted that the platform obliterates funding for mass transit, slashes Amtrak funding, and destroys collective bargaining. The […]

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Watch Vice President Joe Biden Give Mad Props to Amtrak Employees

During last week’s announcement that Amtrak would be purchasing 28 new high-speed train sets, Vice President Joe Biden called out Amtrak’s dedicated employees for their incredible contributions to our national passenger rail system. Praising them for regularly going above and beyond, he noted that “management is fine, but employees are better.” This isn’t just lip service. […]

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