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Hundreds of Bus Drivers are Assaulted Every Week in America. It is Time for the Federal Government to Take Action.

By Larry I. Willis

When Diane Rude accepted a position as a Minneapolis bus driver, she thought she was signing up for a good, middle-class job that would allow her to take care of her family and save for retirement. She never expected to have to fight for her life. But that’s what happened when a troubled passenger wrapped […]

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Larry I. Willis on Huffington Post: Failure to Invest in Public Transportation Hurts Communities Across the Country

The New York Times recently profiled the story — or the commute, rather — of Sheila James, a 61-year-old federal office worker who lives in Stockton, California, but works 80 miles away in San Francisco. She rises at 2 a.m. so she can catch a bus and two trains to get to her job as a […]

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EDWARD WYTKIND ON MEDIUM: As Public Transit Goes, So Goes the Nation

While public transit continues to be a lifeline for millions of Americans, too many transit agencies nationwide are failing with upkeep and modernization efforts and thus experiencing system failures. That isn’t just my opinion — the American Society of Civil Engineers gave transit a grade of D- in their 2017 report card. The demand for public transit […]

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Highway and Transit Infrastructure Funding By the Numbers

Last week, lawmakers in the House of Representatives did something we haven’t seen them do in a long time — they passed a long-term surface transportation bill that both Republicans and Democrats support. Because the Senate passed its own version of a surface transportation bill already, Congress may actually be poised to complete the first […]

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Congress Should Put the Brakes on Hair Testing Bus and Truck Drivers

Too often Washington is a place where all good ideas go to die and where bad ideas flourish. The latest bad idea? Some in the commercial motor vehicle industry are pressuring Congress to undermine scientists and established protocol in order to allow the industry to use an unsubstantiated form of drug testing: hair specimen testing. […]

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TTD Supports Proposal to Streamline Certification Process for Drivers with Diabetes

By Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO

For far too long, drivers with well-controlled diabetes have been prohibited from operating commercial motor vehicles without first maneuvering through a complicated certification process to prove they are healthy enough to drive. TTD supports a commonsense proposal by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that would end this discriminatory practice. While the presence of […]

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Putting Disadvantaged Americans Back to Work is the American Thing to do

July 2, just two days before the anniversary of our nation’s independence, is “Buy Made in the USA” Day. During this most patriotic of American weeks, we should be celebrating the American dream — that idea that with a little hard work, anyone can build a solid, middle-class lifestyle for themselves and their family. Instead, […]

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Shelve Transportation Jobs Bill Until Fast Track Legislation is Completed? No Thanks

By Ed Wytkind

So now putting thousands of Americans at risk of more job-killing trade deals is more important than passing a surface transportation bill that puts hundreds of thousands to work? It appears for some the answer is yes. Of course, for the rest of us that is an absurd proposition. Congress should not even take up […]

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Preview of 2015 Public Transit Agenda

By Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO transit featured

In a saner world, these would be the glory days for public transit in the U.S. The high stakes of hopeless congestion and changing commuter preferences combined with remarkable technological advances have created an environment in which a robustly funded, state-of-the art public transit network could be at the center of our modern economy. But […]

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New Year, New Tune on Gas Tax

By Ed Wytkind 15358722303_927396fbf7_o

After years of dysfunction in DC, we may finally be having a moment of clarity on the need to tackle our nation’s shameful infrastructure financing deficit. Spurred by low gas prices and a Highway Trust Fund (yet again) facing insolvency in a few short months, leaders on both sides of the aisle spent the first […]

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