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Promoting the Rights of Workers in an Autonomous Technology Era

In March 2017, the TTD Executive Committee adopted a statement that set forth principles for tackling the challenges facing transportation workers due to the rapid advancement of autonomous technologies in the transportation industry. We know that these new technologies and related public policy debates will continue to evolve and we stand ready to protect the […]

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Protecting Passenger Rail Workers from Assault

Transportation labor has sadly had to increasingly fight for policies that protect front line transportation workers from violent assaults from passengers. The TTD Executive Committee has previously called for comprehensive policy solutions to combat the troubling rise in assaults on airline customer service agents and transit operators. Earlier in our history, TTD and its member […]

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Strengthening Security, Safety, and Oversight of Contract Repair Stations

The domestic aircraft maintenance industry has seen a scourge of outsourcing in recent decades, with work consistently being moved from in-house maintenance operations to contract repair stations both in the U.S. and overseas. This has presented a number of challenges from a job creation, safety, and security standpoint. In response, TTD and its affiliates have […]

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Upholding Pilot Training, Qualification, and Experience Requirements and Strengthening Aviation Safety

The years leading up to 2010 were a challenging time for commercial aviation. The industry had suffered from four high profile fatal airline crashes in six years, the most recent on February 12, 2009, when a Colgan Air regional flight crashed in Clarence, NY, killing all of the passengers and crew on board plus one […]

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Honoring the Service, Vision and Leadership of Edward Wytkind

The Executive Committee of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), salutes and honors Edward Wytkind for his visionary leadership, dedication to the labor movement, and more than 20 years of service to the millions of men and women who work on the frontlines of our nation’s transportation system. Today, TTD is a leader in the […]

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Automation in Transportation

Working people are living in a time when it is more and more difficult to make ends meet. Wages are stagnant, and the jobs created during the slow economic recovery are doing little to reduce inequality in the workplace. Meanwhile, attacks on unionization, offshoring, employee misclassification, convoluted corporate structures and technological change are threatening the […]

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Historic Opportunity to Strengthen and Enforce Buy America Rules

Transportation unions have long believed that our federal policies should incentivize the use of public transportation funds to maximize U.S. job creation and revive what became a moribund transportation manufacturing sector. It is why we have pushed successfully for stronger domestic content, or Buy America, rules. It is also why we have waged an aggressive […]

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Cargo Preference: U.S. Merchant Marine Critical to a Strong National Defense

The U.S.-flag international commercial fleet has long served the nation, operating as a naval auxiliary during times of war and as an economic tool for maintaining domestic and international waterborne commerce. To meet these strategic objectives, Congress has long required that government-impelled cargo – or preference cargo – be carried on U.S.-flag oceangoing vessels that […]

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Reforms Needed to Protect Frontline Airline Customer Service Agents From Assault

In February of 2016 the TTD Executive Committee called for federal lawmakers to pass new policies that combat the rapid and troubling rise in violent assaults on airline customer service agents (CSAs). The Executive Committee recommended a multifaceted approach that included a change in federal law to ensure that all CSAs are covered by the […]

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Standing Up For Middle Class Freight Rail Jobs

The freight railroads have played a critical role in our national freight network and economy, serving as a major driver of job creation and economic expansion. That is why transportation labor has always fought for smart policies that ensure this industry remains strong and continues to support middle class jobs. Some of the policies we […]

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