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Time to Rebuild America's Transporation System and Infrastructure

Americans depend on a modern and safe transportation system and infrastructure to transport goods and people and to keep the economy strong.  Recent catastrophic failures show how tenuously the national system functions when under-funded and neglected by the federal government.  In 2005, Americans recoiled in horror as Louisiana levy failures inundated New Orleans with floodwaters […]

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FAA Reauthorization: Opportunity to Enhance Aviation Safety and Protect U.S. Workers

The U.S. aviation system is a cornerstone of the global transportation network.  It provides over 11 million jobs in the U.S. and fuels economic development in almost every sector of our economy.  Our aviation system is one of the safest and most efficient in the world and, despite significant economic losses in recent years due […]

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Long Overdue Rail Safety Reauthorization Must Be Priority for 110th Congress

It is simply disgraceful that over a decade has passed since our nation’s rail safety programs have been reauthorized.  Since the last reauthorization bill in 1994, safety problems and issues identified by railroad workers, Members of Congress, the media and local and state government officials have only intensified and the volume of freight, including hazardous […]

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No More Exuses – Secure Mass Transit and Rail Now

March 11 will mark the third anniversary of the rail bombings in Madrid, Spain that killed 191 people and wounded 1,900.  In July, the world will mark the second anniversary of the attacks in London when terrorists struck at the heart of our ally’s mass transit system, killing 52, injuring 700 and shutting down a […]

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Time to Reform Amtrak

It is time to reform Amtrak.  The status quo isn’t working as Amtrak, its workers and 25 million passengers suffer from decades of inadequate federal support, chronically under-funded security needs, poor management including mismanaged labor-management relations, underperforming service and more recently misguided members of Amtrak’s Board of Directors pushing a self-destructive agenda.Transportation labor is on […]

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Ensuring Fairness in Commerical Drivers License Standards

The safety of our nation’s highways depends upon the highly trained and experienced men and women who operate commercial motor vehicles.  Our public roads are their workplaces, and arguably no one has more interest in promoting the highest possible standards of safety.  Yet under current federal regulations, an individual stands to have his or her […]

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Improve Aircraft Cabin Air Quality

Studies and first hand accounts continue to document poor air quality onboard aircraft, heightening concern for crew members and the flying public. While poor air quality affects everyone, the impact of contaminated and poor cabin air especially affects flight attendants since the cabin is their workplace.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), aircraft manufacturers, and the […]

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Stop Amtrak's Outsourcing Plan

The future of Amtrak has reached an important crossroad.  Amtrak’s unqualified Board is pushing the Administration’s “reforms” to dismantle Amtrak through risky privatization and outsourcing proposals.  Congress is debating the company’s next annual appropriation while a long-term funding bill gains momentum in the Senate led by Senators Trent Lott (R-MS) and Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ).  And […]

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“65 Percent Solution” Movement Threatens Vital Public School Support Services

A threatening movement is underway at the national level to enact state legislation that would force public school systems to cut essential support services for students, including transportation to and from school, in the name of education reform and enhanced student achievement. The future of our nation, our economy, and our workforce relies on a […]

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A Shameful Record on Port Security

The importance of seaport security, and the failure of the Administration to secure this critical component of our transportation system, was on full display as Dubai Ports (DP) World, a company owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates, sought to take over terminal operations at six U.S. ports.  While talking tough on security, […]

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