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EDWARD WYTKIND ON MEDIUM: As Public Transit Goes, So Goes the Nation

While public transit continues to be a lifeline for millions of Americans, too many transit agencies nationwide are failing with upkeep and modernization efforts and thus experiencing system failures. That isn’t just my opinion — the American Society of Civil Engineers gave transit a grade of D- in their 2017 report card. The demand for public transit […]

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Workers Memorial Day Reminds Us That On-The-Job Safety Must Be a Priority

By Ed Wytkind

As our nation debates the future of transportation and infrastructure, Workers Memorial Day is a solemn reminder that workplace safety must be central to the discussion. Every year, thousands of Americans — including those who build, operate and maintain our nation’s transportation system — are hurt or killed on the job. It goes without saying […]

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Edward Wytkind on Medium: Fast Trains Will Not Just Show Up at the Station

As President Trump has called for new investments in our infrastructure, he has routinely criticized our nation’s passenger rail system, lamenting America’s lack of ‘fast trains’. There is no denying that America should have more frequent and faster train service. But those fast trains will not just show up at the station. They will emerge […]

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Infrastructure is Not Health Care

By Larry I. Willis

What do health care and infrastructure have in common? Most of us would say not much. Unfortunately, some House Republicans, including some of our friends, are insisting that if the repeal of Obamacare goes down today then “we can’t do infrastructure.” In the words of my teenage daughter — “wait, what?” Putting aside the problems […]

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America’s Infrastructure Report Card: The Time for Robust Infrastructure Investment is Now

The infrastructure report card released today by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) underscores the urgent need for robust, long-term investments in our nation’s infrastructure. America’s overall infrastructure GPA? D+ Our nation’s transportation infrastructure is in especially troubling shape. Our nation’s roads and aviation system received D grades, while our ports and bridges received […]

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We Can’t Toll Our Way to a $1 Trillion Transportation Investment Plan

The President’s Address to a Joint Session of Congress on February 28 put a spotlight on the need for a massive infusion of new investments in our transportation infrastructure. There’s no denying that such investments are needed. Pouring $1 trillion into our infrastructure — as the President has proposed — would create millions of middle-class […]

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What does a Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Package Look like? Edward Wytkind Breaks It Down with Host Thom Hartmann

TTD President Edward Wytkind joined Thom Hartmann to talk about the problems facing our nation’s infrastructure and what a robust infrastructure plan actually looks like yesterday. President Trump has proposed an ambitious trillion-dollar infrastructure plan, but questions remain about how to fund it. “We’re not going to get there by just giving tax incentives to […]

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TTD President Edward Wytkind Discusses Dangers Facing Aviation Workers on America’s Workforce Radio

Keeping our government accountable for the safety of working people is often a tough job, but it is essential for industries across the transportation sector. Aviation is no exception. Earlier this week, TTD President Edward Wytkind went on America’s Workforce Radio to discuss two longstanding issues that place our aviation workforce at risk on a […]

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Where Republicans and Democrats Agree: The Need for Infrastructure Investment

Have you ever heard of a bridge only used by Republicans or an airport that serves only Democrats? We haven’t either. There’s a reason for that. Investing in our nation’s transportation infrastructure isn’t a red or blue issue. It’s an issue that affects every single person living in this country. It’s also an issue both […]

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Ed Wytkind Discusses Infrastructure on The Rick Smith Show

TTD President Edward Wytkind discussed the challenges facing our nation’s infrastructure, and the effect those challenges have on our economy, with labor radio host Rick Smith yesterday. “There are a lot of issues in Washington today that are more complicated, more nuanced, and that have many shades of gray,” Ed said. “There aren’t any shades […]

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