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TTD President Edward Wytkind Discusses Dangers Facing Aviation Workers on America’s Workforce Radio

Keeping our government accountable for the safety of working people is often a tough job, but it is essential for industries across the transportation sector. Aviation is no exception. Earlier this week, TTD President Edward Wytkind went on America’s Workforce Radio to discuss two longstanding issues that place our aviation workforce at risk on a […]

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Where Republicans and Democrats Agree: The Need for Infrastructure Investment

Have you ever heard of a bridge only used by Republicans or an airport that serves only Democrats? We haven’t either. There’s a reason for that. Investing in our nation’s transportation infrastructure isn’t a red or blue issue. It’s an issue that affects every single person living in this country. It’s also an issue both […]

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Ed Wytkind Discusses Infrastructure on The Rick Smith Show

TTD President Edward Wytkind discussed the challenges facing our nation’s infrastructure, and the effect those challenges have on our economy, with labor radio host Rick Smith yesterday. “There are a lot of issues in Washington today that are more complicated, more nuanced, and that have many shades of gray,” Ed said. “There aren’t any shades […]

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TTD President Ed Wytkind talks about autonomous technology on America’s Workforce Radio

Ed Wytkind, TTD’s president, was appointed to the Department of Transportation’s Advisory Committee on Automation in Transportation (ACAT) earlier this month, where he will represent the unique voices of America’s transportation workforce. Ed recently spoke about his appointment, the future of transportation in America and the impact autonomous and connected technologies will have on the […]

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The Hill — Norwegian Air case will define the president’s aviation legacy

As published by Edward Wytkind in The Hill. “I will not stand by when our competitors don’t play by the rules.” Those were President Obama’s words in 2012 explaining his view of U.S. trade policy. Following this same principle, the Obama administration negotiated a new air services agreement with the European Union (EU) which included, […]

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Ed Wytkind discusses infrastructure and Norwegian Air International on The Rick Smith Show

Earlier this week on The Rick Smith Show, TTD President Edward Wytkind and host Rick Smith tackled some big-ticket issues facing our nation’s transportation system and its frontline workforce. Topics discussed included funding for transportation infrastructure, the DOT’s Norwegian Air ruling, and emerging bipartisan support for Amtrak funding along the Gulf Coast. While there are […]

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Why TSOs Don’t Have the Same Protections as Other Federal Employees and What Congress Can Do to Fix It

TSA Supervisor Jennifer Haslip poses with the new badge and uniforms at Washington's Ronald Reagan National Airport, Friday, June 27, 2008. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Imagine facing the responsibility of helping keep an industry safe from terrorism and other threats, while knowing you are not covered by workforce protections that would make it easier to fulfill your security mission. For our nation’s Transportation Security Officers (TSOs), that isn’t just some made-up scenario. It’s real life. TSOs, the men and women […]

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Rosa Parks Blazed a Trail by Not Giving Up Her Seat on the Bus

In 1955, the city bus became a symbol of segregation and defiance when civil rights activist Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat in the “colored” section of a Montgomery, Alabama bus to a white passenger.  We know the story well: She was arrested, her actions led to what is historically regarded as the […]

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Larry Willis Discusses Trump’s Infrastructure Plan, NAI and more on America’s Workforce Radio

Secretary-Treasurer Larry Willis and America’s Workforce Radio host Ed “Flash” Ferenc discussed the ongoing Norwegian Air International campaign, President-elect Trump’s infrastructure plan and looked ahead at next steps for TTD and the labor movement during a recent radio interview. It’s obvious that America’s deteriorating transportation system and infrastructure need a serious upgrade, but will Donald […]

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Thank a Transportation Worker

As Americans across the country venture out during the busiest travel time of the year to gather with friends and loved ones, we hope they will take a moment to recognize the transportation employees who make the holidays possible. Represented by TTD’s 32 affiliated unions, the men and women who work on the frontlines operating, […]

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