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Real Seaport Security Needed

Despite the fact that our seaports are extremely vulnerable to terrorist attacks, foreign controlled terminal operators continue to resist measures that would greatly enhance the security of the infrastructure at seaports, our seaport workers and the people living in neighboring communities.  The single-minded approach of these terminal operators that increased productivity and bottom-line profits outweigh […]

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Support Sensible Pension Reform

A hallmark of organized labor, including those workers represented by our nation’s transportation unions, is the provision of employment opportunities that include competitive wages, adequate health care coverage and secure retirement benefits for our members.  In fact, a significant portion of all members employed in the transportation industry obtain such benefits from a variety of […]

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Unjust Delays in Rail Bargaining

Despite the fact that the current round of national rail negotiations is well into its fifth year for thousands of workers, the National Mediation Board (NMB), the agency responsible for administering the Railway Labor Act (RLA), has refused to move the bargaining process along in a timely manner.  Specifically, the NMB, which governs labor-management relations […]

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