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Associated Press—Highway Bill Enters Legislative Homestretch

[By Joan Lowy of the Associated Press] WASHINGTON (AP)—Defying expectations, Congress has reached the homestretch on a major overhaul of federal transportation programs that is critical if the nation is to avoid steep cutbacks in highway and transit aid. The bill is driven partly by election-year politics. Both Congress and President Barack Obama have made […]

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Huffington Post Blog—Richard Branson is Quite Busy Not Owning Virgin America

[As posted by Ed Wytkind in The Huffington Post] In 2005, British billionaire Richard Branson came to America to launch a new airline for Americans, owned by Americans and controlled by Americans. At least that was the story he was selling. First, you have to understand that under current U.S. law, foreign interests cannot own […]

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Politico—On the Road to a Transportation Bill, More Bumps and Turns Ahead

[As posted by Kathryn A. Wolfe in Politico] As Congress starts back down the road on hammering out a transportation bill, expect more nail-biting extension deadlines, delayed projects for states and partisan spats. The reason is simple: money. With gas tax revenues falling, there just isn’t enough money to go around for federal transportation programs. […]

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Fire Dog Lake—Long-Term Surface Transportation Bill Unlikely Before Election

 [As posted by David Dayen on Fire Dog Lake] Late last week, the President signed a 90-day surface transportation extension, the ninth of his Presidency. This is getting to the point where we have to look at the failure to deliver a long-term transportation bill as an impediment to economic recovery. Think about the typical […]

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TTD President Wytkind on The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann

TTD President Edward Wytkind appeared on The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann on March 30 to discuss why House Republicans are holding critical transportation program funding hostage. TTD supports passage of the bipartisan Senate version of the bill, which will boost the economy, fix our failing transportation system and put America back to work

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The Hill’s Transportation Report—Transport Union Slams Ryan Budget

[As posted by Keith Laing in The Hill’s Transportation Report] A key transportation union said Tuesday that the budget produced by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) Tuesday that would cut $5.3 trillion in spending over the next decade would devastate the national transportation system. The Washington-based AFL-CIO’s Transportation Trades Department (TTD) said Ryan’s budget would reduce […]

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The Hill’s Transportation Report—Transportation Lobby Sees Road to Short-Term Highway Spending Legislation

[As posted by Keith Laing in The Hill’s Transportation Report] Transportation industry observers are not expecting the House to take up the $109 billion transportation bill passed last week by the Senate before the end of the month, increasing the necessity of a short-term extension, which leaders in both chambers have said they hope to […]

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The Hill’s Transportation Report—K Street Pessimistic About Highway Bills

[As posted by Keith Laing in The Hill’s Transportation Report Supporters of the two transportation bills stuck in the House and Senate are pessimistic either will win chamber approval now that they have lost any momentum they once had. Labor groups supporting the $109 billion, two-year Senate transportation bill thought that legislation could get through […]

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Huffington Post Blog – House GOP Needs to Stop Pushing 'Message' Bill and Pass a Transportation Jobs Bill

[As posted by Ed Wytkind on the Huffington Post] Does the nation need Congress to quickly finish a surface transportation investment bill that funds the operations and infrastructure of our mass transit systems, highways, bridges, railroads and ports? You bet. Does H.R. 7, the pending House version of this legislation, get us there? Not even close. […]

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Associated Press-Solution to Crumbling Roads, Bridges Elusive

[By Joan Lowy of the Associated Press] WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s crumbling roads, bridges and transit systems are at the point of hindering U.S. economic growth, but Congress is struggling to come up with a solution. The problems are numerous. One of the big problems: Americans have been driving less for several years due to […]

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