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Mitt Romney Unfit to be Chief Steward of This Country

TTD President Ed Wytkind tells The Rick Smith Show that Mitt Romney does not understand that roads, bridges, seaports, airports, navigation channels and transit systems cost money and the businesses that use them don’t pay for them. The U.S. must invest in its infrastructure to move the economy forward. It was taxpayers who paid for […]

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The Hill—Transportation Union: Romney Needs to be Enrolled in 'Economics 101'

[By Keith Laing of The Hill] A prominent transportation union is sharply criticizing Mitt Romney for attacking President Obama’s statements about the government’s role in building public infrastructure, which the president argues is used by businesses to help them succeed. The presumptive GOP nominee has seized on a statement by Obama that business “didn’t build […]

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The Hill—Union Knocks GOP Governors on Transportation Funding Rejections

[By Keith Laing of The Hill] A key transportation union is knocking a group of Republican governors for recent rejections of federal money that would have gone to large construction projects in their states. The AFL-CIO’s Transportation Trades Department used California Gov. Jerry Brown’s (D) embrace of a proposed high-speed railway in his state to […]

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The Hill—Highway Talks Veer Toward Stalemate

[By Keith Laing of The Hill] House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) suggestion of a possible six-month highway bill extension last week is causing transportation observers to worry that a multi-year bill is now out-of-reach. A 47-member conference committee has been trying for a month to find a compromise between the House and Senate on a […]

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The Hill—Despite Bleak Jobs Report, Transportation Sector Sees Gains

[By Keith Laing of The Hill] The transportation sector added 36,000 jobs in the month of May, despite an overall increase in the national unemployment rate to 8.2 percent. Statistics released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the U.S. economy added only 69,000 jobs in May, but employment in the transportation industry increased […]

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TTD Goes on Air to Fight American Delay Tactics

Hear TTD President Edward Wytkind live on the Leslie Marshall Show talk about the 9,600 passenger service workers at American Airlines who deserve the opportunity to hold a union election. Corporations such as AMR should not be able to game the system and use delay as a tactic.

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Huffington Post Blog – Those Scofflaws At American Airlines

[As posted by Ed Wytkind in The Huffington Post] Lawbreaker. That is exactly what we need to start calling American Airlines for its blatant refusal to proceed with a union election among its 9,600 passenger service agents that was legally and properly ordered by the National Mediation Board. The NMB needs to aggressively step in and […]

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The Hill—Insiders Pessimistic About Highway Bill Talks

The committee of lawmakers appointed to negotiate a new federal highway bill will meet for the first time Tuesday, beginning their talks amid low expectations for a deal in a charged election-year environment. Many observers, including Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, have expressed doubt that Congress will pass a multiyear bill before the November election. But […]

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Associated Press—Highway Bill Enters Legislative Homestretch

[By Joan Lowy of the Associated Press] WASHINGTON (AP)—Defying expectations, Congress has reached the homestretch on a major overhaul of federal transportation programs that is critical if the nation is to avoid steep cutbacks in highway and transit aid. The bill is driven partly by election-year politics. Both Congress and President Barack Obama have made […]

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Huffington Post Blog—Richard Branson is Quite Busy Not Owning Virgin America

[As posted by Ed Wytkind in The Huffington Post] In 2005, British billionaire Richard Branson came to America to launch a new airline for Americans, owned by Americans and controlled by Americans. At least that was the story he was selling. First, you have to understand that under current U.S. law, foreign interests cannot own […]

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