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ILWU Unity Saves Good Jobs, Pushes Back on Outsourcing Epidemic

What happened this week on the West Coast with longshore workers is a testament to why unity works when employers pursue sinister agendas.  Southern California union members stood up against a powerful shipping industry to protect good jobs from being outsourced, and won. These clerical workers represented by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union’s (ILWU) […]

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Time to Coddle the Middle Class for a Change

As the fiscal cliff looms, it is becoming nauseating to listen to extremist political operatives and special interest lobbyists argue we should hurt working people, the sick and elderly to ensure the super-rich don’t pay their fair share of the tax burden. Someone should tell the special interests who coddle millionaires at everyone else’s expense […]

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Let’s Put Politics Aside and Confirm Our Next FAA Administrator

Partisan politics and gridlock are something we are all too familiar with in Washington, especially at the end of a presidential election year.  But when it comes to the stability of our aviation system and the enormous impact it has on our economy, there is no time for political brinksmanship.  This is why I have […]

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Austerity Measures Would Drive Us Over the Fiscal Cliff

“Too many in Washington are fixated on cutting public spending to balance the budget, not on how to put people back to work and get our economy moving.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  These are the words of 350 leading economists who offer our political leaders a solution to our anemic economy at […]

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Time to Let American Passenger Service Agents Vote

Nearly 10,000 passenger service agents at American Airlines got some good news on Thursday – the union election they have been fighting for has formally been scheduled by the National Mediation Board (NMB) to begin on Dec. 4.  However, there is one thing we already know about American Airlines — it will use every frivolous […]

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Rep. Paul Ryan, Soup Kitchens and Transportation

By Ed Wytkind Earlier this week, the VP nominee Rep. Paul Ryan stopped at an Ohio soup kitchen for a campaign photo op to show his concern for those less fortunate than himself.  Only one problem with this display of caring as he rolled up his sleeves and did the dishes — the director of […]

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Airline Union-Buster Auditioning for President?

Quick quiz: Who was Nevada federal judge Roger Foley talking about when he ruled on “blatant, grievous, willful, deliberate and repeated violations of the Railway Labor Act?” Gov. Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, of course. This should come as no surprise to anyone following the GOP presidential nominee’s bid for the White House.  Fighting unions and […]

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The Blueprint to Building a Lasting Economy

Tonight Americans will hear about moving forward with an economy that is “built to last” at the Democratic National Convention.  No doubt anyone watching will hear plenty about how the President has focused his energy on expanding the middle class – from saving the auto industry to ensuring America has the world’s finest transportation system […]

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Why Does Paul Ryan Want to Auction Off Our Airlines to Foreign Interests?

Airline employees, remember this close call just six years ago? The date was May 18, 2006.  The House of Representatives was having a debate about a bizarre Bush Administration proposal to let U.S. airlines be controlled by China and other foreign interests. The Department of Transportation under Bush proposed a change in federal aviation policy […]

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Someone Please Enroll Mr. Romney in Economics 101

I’ve been listening to some absurd attacks this week by Mitt Romney and his surrogates against President Obama – the latest a claim that Obama is saying Henry Ford didn’t build Ford Motors or Papa John didn’t build Papa John’s, the government did. Here is what the President actually said:  “If you were successful, somebody […]

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