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TTD to Congress: We must invest in infrastructure to support working families

By Admin

TTD President Larry I. Willis highlighted for lawmakers the ways failing to invest in our transportation system impacts real people during separate hearings before the House Transportation and Infrastructure and Senate Commerce Committees earlier this week.

Citing commuters stuck in soul-crushing commutes, families burdened by a lack of public transit options, and aviation workers who are asked to do more with less every day, Willis made impassioned pleas for smart, strategic investments in our nation’s infrastructure. He also reminded lawmakers that by pursuing the right policies, this country has the power to leave a legacy of world-class infrastructure and economic stability for future generations, the way our parents and grandparents did for us.

Willis also made it clear that improving our transportation system starts with keeping the government open, and called on lawmakers to “stop punishing federal employees, including frontline transportation workers, over policy debates that have nothing to do with them.”

Watch Larry’s full testimony to the Senate Commerce Committee here: