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Create Good Jobs by Moving the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund Off-Budget

With the Panama Canal expansion project complete, U.S. East and Gulf Coast ports are seeing an increased demand for their services as new, larger ships enter the market for cargo shipping. However, as ports seek to remain competitive in a global marketplace, the design failures of the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund (HMTF) continue to hold […]

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Common Sense Transportation Regulatory Policy

Frontline workers, the traveling public, and communities across the country depend on a safe and secure transportation network to drive middle-class job growth and sustain our economy. While private sector stakeholders and local and state jurisdictions have an important role to play in this effort, the federal government has the primary responsibility to establish rules […]

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Failing to Fund Gateway is Not an Option

In February of 2016, TTD’s Executive Committee adopted a policy statement calling on Congress and the Obama Administration to take immediate steps to fund arguably the most critical infrastructure project in our country: the Gateway Program and Hudson Tunnel Project. More than two years later, bipartisan and state support for the project has strengthened yet […]

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Fighting the Scourge of TSA Privatization

On February 21st of this year, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) voted to begin the process of transitioning from Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security screening operations at the Orlando International Airport to a private screening contractor. Ultimately, due to the public outcry of passengers, elected officials and union members, GOAA abandoned their efforts to […]

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Ending Sexual Harassment and Abuse in the Transportation Sector

The rise of the #MeToo Movement has shined a national spotlight on a pervasive problem in American workplace culture that, until recently, has largely been ignored: sexual harassment and gender-based violence. With a newfound voice, confidence, and power, women across the country are stepping forward to say enough is enough. Thousands have courageously shared their […]

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Brexit: Aviation Agreement Must Include Worker Protections

The labor movement has a long and committed record of advocating for strong labor provisions in U.S. trade agreements. In 2011 the U.S.-EU-Norway-Iceland air transport agreement included a landmark labor clause designed to protect labor standards as air services are liberalized under the agreement (Article 17 bis). Now, as the U.S. and U.K. negotiate a […]

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A Common Sense Approach to Sleep Apnea for Workers in the Rail , Bus and Truck Sectors

Fatigue is a systemic problem in the rail, bus and truck industries with many contributing causes including long work shifts, unpredictable schedules and company practices that too often create a tired workforce. Undiagnosed sleep disorders, including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), can contribute to fatigue and this issue has received significant attention in recent years. However, […]

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Protecting the Jones Act and Supporting U.S. Workers

U.S. maritime cabotage laws – collectively known as the Jones Act – have served an essential role promoting our nation’s economic and national security since 1920. The Act serves not only to create domestic maritime employment opportunities but also acts as a bulwark against an exploitative international shipping market that seeks to undermine labor rights […]

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Promoting the Rights of Workers in an Autonomous Technology Era

In March 2017, the TTD Executive Committee adopted a statement that set forth principles for tackling the challenges facing transportation workers due to the rapid advancement of autonomous technologies in the transportation industry. We know that these new technologies and related public policy debates will continue to evolve and we stand ready to protect the […]

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Protecting Passenger Rail Workers from Assault

Transportation labor has sadly had to increasingly fight for policies that protect front line transportation workers from violent assaults from passengers. The TTD Executive Committee has previously called for comprehensive policy solutions to combat the troubling rise in assaults on airline customer service agents and transit operators. Earlier in our history, TTD and its member […]

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