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Transportation Labor Honors Our Nation’s Veterans

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Edward Wytkind, President of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), issues this statement honoring America’s veterans:

“On this Veterans Day, the Transportation Trades Department unites with its 32 member unions to honor those Americans who make sacrifices every day in service to the nation – the active duty military and veterans. Upon coming home or ending their service, these men and women face many challenges, including the transition to meaningful employment.

“TTD has supported policies and initiatives that help veterans secure middle-class jobs after they’ve sacrificed so much to defend our nation. One of those initiatives combines smart transportation procurement policies with strengthened Buy America rules.

“We have proudly pursued this effort through our partnership with the Jobs to Move America Coalition (JMA), a national effort to reform transit and rail procurement policy so that we use public transportation dollars to maximize U.S. job creation targeting people in disadvantaged and vulnerable communities, including veterans. This initiative is taking root across the country and has the potential to deliver on the promise of significant job creation and a revitalized transportation manufacturing sector.

“We must do more than honor veterans on Veterans Day. We must provide them the support and training they need and access to good jobs when they return home from service. We stand ready to work with Congress and the President-elect to make sure that we advance the vision of JMA by making sure public rail and transit procurement is used to put Americans to work.”

Transportation Labor Honors Our Nation’s Veterans (62kb)

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