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President Emergency Board Releases Railway Industry Recommendations

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America’s Work Force Union Podcast.

AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Department President Greg Regan joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast and provided an update on the impasse reached by major railroads and their unions that had been turned over for moderation by President Biden’s Presidential Emergency Board.

The board released its recommendations, which the unions are currently reviewing, Regan said. He stressed that neither side is getting what they wanted, but compromises have been suggested. He also talked about how the freight railroad industry is massively underperforming and failing to meet the needs of the nation and how the low number of railway workers has contributed to the problem.

Regan also discussed the Federal Transit Administration’s recent announcement of $1.6 billion in Infrastructure Law transit funding, including $43.4 million for transit worker training on zero-emission buses, and the impact it would have on the nation’s transportation system.

Listen to podcast here.