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Public Transit

Public transit ridership is growing across the country, with subway systems, bus networks, and light rail helping Americans get to their destinations quickly and safely and supporting businesses that need reliable commuter systems for their employees. TTD and its member unions:

Push for robust, long-term public transit funding that provides the flexible resources for expanding and modernizing aging and under-resourced systems.

Lead the charge against attacks on bargaining rights and in opposition to reckless privatization mandates that threaten service and jobs.

Collaborate with the Jobs to Move America coalition to ensure that federal transit investment dollars support the U.S. economy and are used to create manufacturing jobs and generate opportunities for unemployed and disadvantaged Americans including veterans.

Encourage legislation that incentivizes more transit use and ensures the tax code treats transit benefits the same as parking benefits.

Implement policies, procedures, and designs—like drivers’ side doors, shields, and increased restroom availability—to slow the alarming rate of driver assaults and protect bus drivers’ safety and health.

Reject budget cuts that would hollow out transit operations, slash service and jobs, and make it impossible for transit agencies to grow service as demand rises.

Work with members of Congress to provide emergency funding to transit systems in times of emergency such as the aftermath of superstorm Sandy.