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Between carrying passengers from city to city and moving a vast array of freight across the country, rail is a critical piece of our diverse transportation system and a driver of middle-class job creation. To ensure it continues to thrive, TTD and its affiliated unions:

Collaborate with Congress and the executive branch to sufficiently fund Amtrak and modernize it to meet future demand and lead the fight against irresponsible proposals to privatize the Amtrak system.

Encourage investment in modern rail technology, including implementing high speed passenger rail options, to maximize travel efficiency and create middle-class jobs.

Drive efforts, alongside the Jobs to Move America coalition, to convince Amtrak and other passenger rail systems to use public transportation dollars for rail car purchases to maximize U.S. transportation manufacturing job creation.

Champion efforts to ensure the U.S. freight rail system is as safe as possible for rail employees and communities alike through mandated two-person crews; stronger fatigue rules and hours of service requirements; whistleblower protections; the implementation of safety technology; and other safety measures.

Support strategic investments in freight rail that spur rail and construction job creation and smart policies that expand and protect this vital transportation sector.

Offer an authoritative voice on regulatory and legislative measures needed to establish safe methods of transporting hazardous materials like crude oil by rail, including establishing strong communication protocols and training programs for emergency responders.