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Our maritime and port systems are vital to the U.S. economy, safety, and national security. To ensure that the maritime sector remains a vital component of America’s transportation system and national defense, TTD:

Supports the continued funding of programs like the Maritime Security Program that promote national security and national defense preparedness, boost economic activity, and expand U.S. mariner job creation.

Collaborates with our member unions, members of Congress and the executive branch to advance crucial authorization and investment legislation that will fund ports and harbors and create and sustain longshore and maritime jobs.

Combats harmful proposals to circumvent maritime cabotage laws like the Jones Act that require that all ships engaged in domestic marine commerce are built in America and crewed by U.S. mariners.

Advocates for legislation that requires revenue from the Harbor Maintenance Tax to be dedicated to port upkeep, dredging, and other harbor maintenance projects.

Rejects baseless and dangerous attempts to undermine maritime workers’ rights under the pretense of national security concerns.