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Boehner-Cantor-McCarthy Plan Just Another Messaging Bill

How bad is the proposal by House Republican leaders to fix the Highway Trust Fund’s shortfall by eliminating Saturday mail service?  Consider this: 26 unions representing hundreds of thousands of transportation workers today announced their vociferous opposition to the plan. To be sure these unions believe that stabilizing the Highway Trust Fund is a major […]

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Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Now that Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, is behind us, people planning their summer vacations are in search of the best deals in town. In these tough economic times, finding good deals can be the difference between staying home and affording summer travel. A lot of people do the search on their own, […]

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Get Onboard with School Bus Safety

By Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO

As we watch 25 million American children step onto a big yellow bus every morning, most of us assume someone is doing all that needs to be done to ensure they will arrive at school safely. We assume that our drivers have all the tools and training they need to deliver those children with care, […]

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Time to Coddle the Middle Class for a Change

As the fiscal cliff looms, it is becoming nauseating to listen to extremist political operatives and special interest lobbyists argue we should hurt working people, the sick and elderly to ensure the super-rich don’t pay their fair share of the tax burden. Someone should tell the special interests who coddle millionaires at everyone else’s expense […]

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Austerity Measures Would Drive Us Over the Fiscal Cliff

“Too many in Washington are fixated on cutting public spending to balance the budget, not on how to put people back to work and get our economy moving.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  These are the words of 350 leading economists who offer our political leaders a solution to our anemic economy at […]

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Rep. Paul Ryan, Soup Kitchens and Transportation

By Ed Wytkind Earlier this week, the VP nominee Rep. Paul Ryan stopped at an Ohio soup kitchen for a campaign photo op to show his concern for those less fortunate than himself.  Only one problem with this display of caring as he rolled up his sleeves and did the dishes — the director of […]

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With the Election Near, Transit’s Future is on the Line

Photo courtesy of the ATU There are 42 days left until the presidential election between a challenger who wants to slash federal transit funding by 46 percent and a president who, after just 28 days in office, invested $8.4 billion in transit as part of his economic recovery plan. Make no mistake, there are huge […]

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The Blueprint to Building a Lasting Economy

Tonight Americans will hear about moving forward with an economy that is “built to last” at the Democratic National Convention.  No doubt anyone watching will hear plenty about how the President has focused his energy on expanding the middle class – from saving the auto industry to ensuring America has the world’s finest transportation system […]

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10 Things You Should Know About President Obama's Transportation Accomplishments

The Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), issues “10 Things You Should Know” as the Democratic National Convention kicks off today with a platform of how to Move America Forward. There is no sharper contrast in this presidential election than in the value the President and his challenger, Gov. Mitt Romney, place on transportation and infrastructure […]

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Note to House GOP: They Don’t Just Sell You Food

Things happen on Amtrak trains.  And when they do, no one wants unqualified front-line workers to be first-responders. Unfortunately, if Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) and some of her allies in the House have their way, fly-by-night contractors could replace Amtrak food and beverage service employees who are trained for all emergencies.  Yes these House members […]

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