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Edward Wytkind


As president of TTD, Edward Wytkind oversees the organization’s daily operation and serves as TTD’s spokesperson and chief strategist. He collaborates with the presidents and other officers of TTD’s 32 affiliated unions to fight for long-term investments in our transportation system and to protect and expand the rights of workers to have a union voice. He also positions TTD to develop substantive policy expertise and dynamic public messaging in order to ensure that our nation’s transportation system is an engine for good, safe, middle-class jobs that grow our economy.

Ed is a trusted expert in Washington and beyond, often called to testify in front of Congress and speak to industry, labor, and government audiences on key transportation issues. He is adept at speaking with politicians across the political spectrum and in all branches of government, and at generating consensus among those from disparate parts of the transportation sector.

Ed has the audacity to believe that everyone deserves safe workplaces, fair wages, and the unencumbered right to form and join unions, and that our nation’s transportation system should be among the strongest and most modern in the world. With Ed at the helm, TTD has led transportation unions through the rewrite of major transportation laws and through critical debates over the safety and security of our transportation system, represented transportation labor’s interests on international trade issues, injected workers’ voices into debates about major transportation investment endeavors, and spoken out against outsourcing and contracting out proposals that threaten jobs and bargaining rights. Ed has also been an outspoken advocate of developing new innovative strategies to link transportation investments to transportation manufacturing job creation, including through the ground-breaking Jobs to Move America coalition that he helped launch.

Ed has been shaping TTD’s expertise and policy agenda for more than two decades, from the organization’s inception. He assisted transportation unions in developing the policy platform that led to the organization’s launch in 1990. Prior to being elected president in 2003, he served as the organization’s executive director.

A native of Los Angeles, Ed holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He serves on the Labor Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations and Trade Policy, which advises Congress and the President on trade policy issues, and on the Board of Trustees for the Mineta Transportation Institute.

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