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Surface Transportation

Congress Acts to Patch, Not Fix, the Highway Trust Fund

Washington, D.C. – Edward Wytkind, president of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD) issues the following statement about Congress’s passage of HR 5021: “Yesterday Congress acted to treat the insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund as little more than a pothole needing a quick patch. While the legislation passed yesterday was urgently necessary, it does […]

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The Highway Trust Fund Needs More Than Its Potholes Patched

America’s transportation infrastructure is in crisis. Across the country, transit systems are cutting service and jobs, highways are crumbling, and bridges are falling down. And behind this crisis is years of neglect: Congress has ignored the needs of our transportation system – once the envy of the world – out of political expediency and lack […]

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Statement on White House Blueprint for $302 Billion Investment in Surface Transportation

Washington DC – The following statement was issued today by Edward Wytkind, president of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), in reaction to the Administration’s release of a $302 billion surface transportation bill: “America’s economy and ailing surface transportation system received a much needed shot in the arm with the White House’s unveiling of a […]

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President Obama Kick-Starts Debate on Funding Long-Term Surface Transportation Legislation

WASHINGTON, DC—Edward Wytkind, president of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), issues this statement on President Obama’s four-year surface transportation investment proposal: “We’re pleased that the President has declared it a priority of his Administration to fix the surface transportation funding crisis that is threatening our economy and American competitiveness. Today’s announcement for a $302 […]

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Not Fixing the Highway Trust Fund Is Road to Ruin

If you rely on some form of surface transportation—car, bus, mass transit—to get around, you may be in for a shock later this year. The federal government’s Highway Trust Fund, which pays for the upkeep of our roads, bridges and public transit, could go broke as early as August unless Congress acts to restore its […]

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'Earth is Flat' Caucus Threatens Transportation Bill

A move by a House Republican amidst surface transportation funding bill negotiations shows yet again why most Americans are shaking their heads in disgust and preparing to clean house this fall by electing members of Congress who care about the middle class. As conferees haggle over the much-needed surface transportation funding bill, Rep. Paul Broun […]

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