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Can We Avoid the ‘Mobility Cliff?’

By Ed Wytkind

One of the hazards of using terms like ‘fiscal cliff’ and ‘sequester’ is that we become numb to their true meaning.  But if congressional gridlock prevents us from funding our surface transportation systems, we will go over the mobility cliff. I challenge anyone in America to hop on a transit bus or in their car […]

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Transportation Unions Push Plan to Avert Highway Trust Fund Cliff

 ORLANDO, FL—Seeking to end a stalemate on long-term federal support for public transit and highway investments, AFL-CIO transportation unions are calling for a bipartisan solution to fix a “broken and outdated funding system” for these critical national investments. In a policy statement unanimously adopted by the Executive Committee of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), […]

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Options for Avoiding the Highway Trust Fund Cliff

While Washington obsesses over the so-called “deficit crisis,” the reality is that America has a jobs and transportation infrastructure crisis, a product of decades of neglect and indifference by policymakers.  This crisis reaches into every sector of our transportation system and we are committed to its reversal. The most significant barrier to restoring America’s surface […]

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