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Transportation Unions Assess Elections, Formulate 2015 Strategies

Host Senator Carper and White House, DOT Officials   Washington, D.C. – Transportation union leaders vowed to “redouble their efforts” to push for bipartisan solutions to the growing transportation infrastructure investment crisis that is undermining the economy and idling millions of jobs, said TTD President Edward Wytkind following the 2014 Fall Executive Committee meeting of […]

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Statement by Edward Wytkind on the Midterm Election Results

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Edward Wytkind, president of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), issued the following statement today regarding the results of the 2014 midterm elections: “Last night, voters had a chance to express their views on the state of our politics and our country. They doled out low grades to almost everyone. With that in mind, […]

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Hear Ed Wytkind Discuss the Election on America’s Work Force Radio

By Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO

Did you miss TTD President Ed Wytkind discussing the midterm elections on America’s Work Force Radio yesterday? You’re in luck — you can listen to the show here. Races across the country are looking tight, and there’s an enormous amount at stake for workers and for our transportation infrastructure. “The folks that know something about the infrastructure […]

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Ed Wytkind on the Huffington Post: Electing to Support Our Economy

This election cycle, Americans have a decision to make. Either we can choose to elect those who have proven themselves to have the courage and the foresight to make decisions with the long-term benefit of working people in mind, or we can elect those who are too shortsighted and too captive to special interests to […]

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Meet the Koch Sisters

You know the Koch brothers: anti-union big-businessmen bent on increasing their own net worth at the expense of working Americans and using their money to influence American elections. But do you know the Koch sisters, Joyce and Karen? No? Maybe that’s because unlike their counterparts, Joyce and Karen haven’t spent billions of dollars buying elections […]

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The Hill–Obama victory likely to preserve highway, Amtrak funding

[By Keith Laing of The Hill] President Obama’s reelection is likely to ensure efforts to privatize Amtrak service and cut transportation funding will be unsuccessful. Unsuccessful Republican nominee Mitt Romney had repeatedly pledged to eliminate government funding for Amtrak, and GOP vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) budget would have limited transportation funding to […]

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Transportation Workers Part of Historic Mobilization to Re-Elect President Obama, Put America to Work

WASHINGTON, DC— Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD) President Edward Wytkind issues this statement following the re-election of President Barack Obama: “We congratulate President Obama for his historic re-election. “The American people re-elected a president who offers a vision to expand our middle class, create millions of jobs and ‘nation build at home’ by modernizing and […]

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Airline Union-Buster Auditioning for President?

Quick quiz: Who was Nevada federal judge Roger Foley talking about when he ruled on “blatant, grievous, willful, deliberate and repeated violations of the Railway Labor Act?” Gov. Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, of course. This should come as no surprise to anyone following the GOP presidential nominee’s bid for the White House.  Fighting unions and […]

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With the Election Near, Transit’s Future is on the Line

Photo courtesy of the ATU There are 42 days left until the presidential election between a challenger who wants to slash federal transit funding by 46 percent and a president who, after just 28 days in office, invested $8.4 billion in transit as part of his economic recovery plan. Make no mistake, there are huge […]

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Before Mr. 1% Becomes Mr. Fixit, A Few Questions

The Romney flavor of the day is that the governor will fix Washington from the inside.  Bravo!  I think he’s on to something. But before you roll up your sleeves Mitt, I have a few questions. Gov. Romney, will you work to oust obstructionists in the Senate who have killed President Obama’s American Jobs Act, […]

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