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TTD Supports Historic Investments in America’s Infrastructure

By Admin

Dear Representative,

On behalf of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), I am writing to encourage your strong support for H.R. 3684, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, when it is brought before the House for a vote today.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a historic step toward making necessary and long-overdue investments across all sectors of our nation’s infrastructure. In addition to making once-in-a-generation investments that will reach every corner of this country and benefit every American, this legislation will create hundreds of thousands of good jobs for American workers, and contains a number of long-sought priorities that benefit and protect workers across every mode of our transportation network.

TTD has long called for a bold infrastructure plan that rises to the demands of the 21st century. By pairing this $1.3 trillion infrastructure bill with strong, pro-worker policies and protections, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will undoubtedly be one of the greatest job-creation tools put forward by the federal government in our modern history.

With our federal surface transportation programs set to expire today, a failure to act at this juncture is simply unacceptable. We will continue to fight for important labor priorities in the Build Back Better agenda over the coming weeks, but we cannot allow these programs to lapse. A refusal to reauthorize these programs would do significant harm to our economic recovery and to the millions of workers who carry out the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of our transportation network every day.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a product of bipartisan negotiations and enjoyed strong support in the Senate. We encourage every member of the House to now follow suit and enact this historic, generational investment in workers and our nation’s infrastructure.

Greg Regan

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