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Transportation Labor Urges FAA to Prioritize Contract Negotiations

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The importance of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) bargaining with its unions is the cornerstone of ensuring the national airspace system’s safety, efficiency, and well-being. The FAA’s highly skilled workforce relies on collective bargaining to advocate for fair compensation, equitable working conditions, and avenues for professional development. Through this process, unions provide valuable insights and perspectives that contribute to developing policies and procedures that enhance safety and operational efficiency. Moreover, collective bargaining fosters a culture of collaboration and mutual respect between management and employees, leading to more effective decision-making and the timely resolution of workplace issues.

The FAA must work with its unions to negotiate contracts expeditiously and in good faith. By prioritizing collective bargaining, the FAA demonstrates its commitment to upholding the rights of its employees and fostering a workplace environment that prioritizes safety, excellence, and the shared interests of all stakeholders within the aviation industry.

Ensuring that the FAA bargains promptly as well as in good faith with its unions is not merely a procedural requirement but a cornerstone of fostering a workplace environment built on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. The significance of bargaining in good faith extends far beyond the negotiation table; it serves as a fundamental commitment to upholding the rights of employees and nurturing effective labor-management relations within the agency. This commitment entails a willingness to have the negotiating process move towards a conclusion as well as to listen, compromise, and seek common ground, even in the face of diverging perspectives or competing priorities. By adhering to the principles of good faith bargaining, the FAA not only honors its legal obligations but also demonstrates its dedication to addressing the needs and concerns of its diverse workforce.

TTD encourages FAA leadership to weigh in on contract negotiations with its unions to expeditiously bring them to an amicable conclusion.

Policy Statement No. S24-07
Adopted May 16, 2024

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