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TTD Executive Committee Issues Statement of Solidarity with Chuck Jones

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The Executive Committee of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO today pledged its support for and solidarity with Chuck Jones, President of Steelworkers Local 1999, against harsh statements directed at him by President-elect Donald Trump. The President-elect of the United States has taken to Twitter to question the integrity and motives of a local labor union leader who is simply fighting to protect the jobs of his members at Carrier and the other plants covered by his local union. Chuck Jones was right to correct the record about how many Carrier jobs are still being shipped to Mexico and he was right to remind all of us that those who are losing their jobs are real people — not props in the politics of Washington. Elected leaders and labor leaders can and will have disagreements. But when someone who is weeks away from becoming president of the United States takes personal shots at a local union leader, it sends a chilling message about how this incoming administration plans to treat those who challenge or disagree with them. The President-elect’s decision to go after a local union representative pits a hard working citizen against the soon-to-be most powerful leader in the world. This type of conduct by the people we elect to lead our nation has no place in our discourse. We will stand with Chuck Jones to ensure his voice remains strong during a wrenching time for the working families at Carrier.

TTD Executive Committee Issues Statement of Solidarity With Chuck Jones (406kb)

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