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Transportation Labor Endorses IAM Day of Action 2007

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Transportation labor strongly endorses the Day of Action being organized by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and urges all transportation unions to participate in the May 17, 2007 event in Washington, DC.For five years transportation workers and their families have been painfully living out the theme of the rally, “Enough is Enough.”  They have been targets of government and corporate efforts to trample worker rights, sell off American jobs, and shortchange transportation safety and security.

Transportation workers and their unions have been leading the fight to defend our homeland through greater security on our rail and transit systems, in our airports and airplanes, and at our seaports.  The Bush administration’s all talk, no action approach to transportation security chooses photo ops over real results, and many employers put profit ahead of security and safety.  Transportation labor must stand up to those who would sacrifice our transportation industry and its workers in the name of greed or political ideology.

The May 17, 2007, Day of Action will demonstrate to our government and business leaders that transportation labor will not sit quietly as the transportation industry is destroyed by misguided federal policies and management incompetence.  This mobilization will showcase the strength of transportation labor’s commitment to our transportation system and to our nation, and the determination shared by transportation unions to reclaim our country from those who seek to erase generations of progress for their own personal gain.

The Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO stands with the IAM in saying, “Enough is Enough” and urges all unions and their members to support and participate in the 2007 Day of Action.

Policy Statement No. W06-05
Adopted March 23, 2006

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