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VOTE ALERT: House FAA Amendments

By Admin

July 19, 2023

Dear Representative:

As the Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in Aviation Act moves to the House floor, the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD) outlines our positions on pending amendments below. Please note that the amendment number is listed first as it appeared in the Rules Committee and second as it appears for the House vote.

As the nation’s leading transportation labor federation, TTD represents hundreds of thousands of aviation workers across the United States and advocates for safety on behalf of 37 affiliated unions in the transportation sector. We thank members for their consideration of labor’s perspective in the upcoming reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration.  

If you have any questions or concerns about these vote recommendations, please do not hesitate to reach out to TTD’s Legislative Representative Lianne Endo at


Greg Regan


  • #5 (10) Langworthy (NY), Higgins (NY): Strikes Sec. 546 to maintain current training requirements for a person who is applying for an airline transport certificate with an airplane category and class rating.
  • #23 (29)  Fitzpatrick (PA): Makes alterations to the structure and timeframe of the aviation rulemaking committee established by Sec. 522.
  • #39 (20) DeSaulnier (CA): Creates a Task Force on Human Factors in Aviation Safety to analyze current risks related to human factors and identify recommendations to decrease the risks.
  • #133 (100) Yakym (IN), Titus (NV): Extends the air traffic control maximum hiring requirement through Fiscal Year 2028.
  • #252 (98) Wexton (VA): Directs the FAA, in collaboration with the exclusive bargaining representative of air traffic controllers, to develop and submit to Congress a plan to test and evaluate space-based ADS-B technology within U.S. airspace or international airspace delegated to the U.S. for air traffic control, air traffic flow management, search and rescue, and accident investigation.
  • #351 (87) Rouzer (NC): Clarifies adoption of the Aeromedical Innovation and Modernization Working Group’s findings and creates a Medical Portal Modernization Task Group, comprised of working group members, to study creating a (10 minutes) portal for pilots to track the status of their medical application.


  • #28 (33)  Gosar (AZ): Prohibits changes to existing National Park air tour management plans
  • #36 (23) Donalds (FL), Crockett (TX): Directs the FAA Secretary to consult with Part 141 flight schools and industry stakeholders to establish an apprenticeship program to bolster the qualified pilot pipeline.
  • #229 (50) Kean (NJ): Requires the Secretary of Transportation to refine the reporting directives to provide more detailed information about the cause of a commercial passenger flight cancellation or delay, allowing greater transparency to the traveling public regarding the cause of a canceled or delayed flight.
  • #237 (93) Steil (WI): Requires the FAA to pay for radar displays at low volume contract towers, reducing the FAA’s budget for programs that would affect larger activity FAA towers or system-wide improvements.
  • #265 Williams (99) (NY): Orders a study of surface surveillance systems.
  • #328 (62) McClintock (CA): Strikes authorization for the Essential Air Service.
  • #333 (74)  Perry (PA): Reduces the authorization levels in sections 101, 103, and 1111.