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Transportation Labor Urges Rejection of Anti-Worker, Anti-Recovery Amendments to Senate Budget Resolution

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Dear Senator:

On behalf of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO and the millions of frontline transportation workers represented by our 33 affiliated unions, we applaud the proactive steps taken by the House and Senate to pass a desperately needed economic relief package. Unfortunately, many Republicans in the Senate have decided to put politics before their country by introducing nearly 1000 amendments to the Senate Budget Resolution. This effort is nothing more than a cynical delay tactic and an attempt to deny the economic and health care needs of the American people. We stand in opposition to their efforts, and urge you to vote NO on any amendment that seeks to undermine vital labor policies, programs, and protections.

As we expressed last month, the needs of the country far exceed what was included in the last relief package. As the nation continues to grapple with a global pandemic and a worsening economic crisis, there remain immediate and consequential funding needs for our nation’s transportation system, its frontline workers, and the families that depend on them.

Since the very beginning of the pandemic transportation workers have put their health and lives on the line to ensure that our passenger and freight transportation systems meet our country’s needs. They have delivered medical supplies and personnel, ensured grocery stores are properly stocked, and provided transportation options for those who must physically go into work to perform their duties. These same workers will be at the front lines as we rebuild the economy and country. Without immediate and substantial investment by the federal government, however, those transportation systems will not be able to continue operating and providing these services. This would stunt our recovery efforts and result in hundreds of thousands of lost jobs.

As the Senate begins the reconciliation process to shepherd through this critically important economic relief package, we again urge you to reject amendments that attempt to undermine vital policies, programs, and labor protections or are otherwise designed to delay passage of a relief package. Under the most difficult circumstances, transportation workers have done their part to see our country through this crisis. Now they need you to take the actions necessary to allow them to finish the job. Pass economic relief legislation that will fund and protect our nation’s transportation system and its frontline workers, expand unemployment insurance, provide direct cash payments, and ensure a robust coronavirus vaccine program that reaches all Americans.


Greg Regan
Secretary Treasurer
Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO


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