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Transportation Labor Strongly Supports Passage of Moving Forward Act

By Admin

Dear Representative:

As you know, today, the House of Representatives will begin floor consideration of H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act. The Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD) strongly urges you to vote yes on final passage of this monumental investment in America’s infrastructure.

The Moving Forward Act makes unprecedented investments in our nation’s highway, rail, public transit systems, sea and airports, and other non-transportation infrastructure, which will create and sustain good jobs in construction, operations, maintenance, design, and manufacturing. These investments in American jobs could not come at a more critical time for the working people of this country.

By embracing key priorities that TTD unions have long fought for, this legislation will also enhance safety and job security for millions working on the front lines of our transportation system. Important safety provisions include meaningful tools to mitigate the scourge of assaults against transit and passenger rail workers, the establishment of a national public transportation workforce training center, a federal requirement mandating two qualified crewmembers on most freight trains, a national strategy to improve grade-crossing safety, critical federal mandates to protect passenger and freight transportation workers from COVID-19, and assurances that U.S. laws and regulations will apply to cross-border rail operations.

This bill also includes expanded and strong Buy America rules, important worker and service reforms at Amtrak, and policies to help ensure that new technologies and mobility services will not come at the expense of good union jobs. The bill also makes important investments into our nation’s air traffic control system, and extends long overdue federal employee rights to Transportation Security Officers. Finally, the broad and appropriate application of long-standing labor protections to investments included in the bill will ensure that transportation spending continues to create good and safe jobs in this sector.

Finally, while many amendments were made in order that will serve to strengthen the underlying bill, TTD strongly opposes Foxx Amendment #178, which pointlessly weakens labor standards, and encourages you to vote NO.

TTD thanks the committee and subcommittee chairs who worked tirelessly to move this legislation, as well as House leadership who recognized the need for massive investments in jobs and infrastructure at this critical juncture in American history.


Larry I. Willis

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