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Policy Library

From letters to members of Congress to Congressional Testimony to background information on important issues, most of TTD’s written documents are stored here. The only category of written material not housed in the TTD Library are press releases, which are located in the Media Center section of this website.

Policy Statements articulate TTD’s position on transportation issues that affect our member unions. TTD’s Executive Committee considers and ratifies policy statements twice a year.

Letters to Congress are exactly that: letters written to members of the U.S. House of Representatives or U.S. Senate, asking for their support on issues, bills or amendments.

Letters to the Executive Branch advance TTD’s agenda to the relevant bodies within the Executive Branch on matters of policy, law and enforcement.

TTD submits Federal Comments in response to Notices of Proposed Rulemakings or NPRMs. Not all of the government’s guidance is written into law – much of it comes in the form of federal regulations. We often submit our comments in hopes of impacting the final rules and regulations that apply to the transportation industry.

TTD is honored by the chance to present the workers’ perspective in U.S. Senate and House of Representative committee hearings. When invited to participate in Congressional hearings, we submit both written and oral testimony. Recent and past Congressional Testimony is archived here.