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Aviation Week—Opinion: Norwegian Air Circumventing The Rules

By Admin

[As published by Edward Wytkind in Aviation Week]

In the board game of Monopoly, the rules are straightforward. Pass “Go,” collect $200. Do not pass “Go,” do not collect $200.

When it comes to the rules of international aviation in the U.S., the standards are similar. Apply for and receive a foreign air operator’s certificate (AOC) from the Transportation Department, begin flying routes in and out of the U.S. Do not receive the certification, do not begin flying those routes.

Seems simple. But a Norwegian air carrier is brazen enough to believe it should be exempt from the rules. Recently, Norwegian Air International (NAI), a subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS),  announced plans to offer “cheap” Boston-to-Cork flights—that is, if the Transportation Department approves NAI’s application for an AOC.


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