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AINonline on TTD’s Drone Safety Stance

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As published by Robert P. Mark in AINonline.


Transportation Trades Group Speaks Out on Drone Safety

The Transportation Trades Division (TTD) of the AFLCIO will not endorse commercial operations of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) until “the necessary FAA safety standards are in place ensuring one level of safety for any type of aircraft or operator” in U.S. domestic airspace, the group said in a report issued last week. The reporthighlights the monumental challenge of balancing air safety with the potential value of UASs to the U.S. economy and outlines the need for regulations that encompass the diversity of UAS operations.

The TTD, which represents 32 unions, said, “the introduction of such ‘unmanned’ or ‘remotely piloted’ aircraft into an integrated NAS represents an entirely new concept that could profoundly degrade the safety of commercial and general aviation flight operations if this integration is not accomplished in a responsible, safety-focused and comprehensive manner.” The group highlights the need for detect-and-avoid systems that will guarantee the safety of passengers and crewmembers already flying, systems that it says are still years away from effective implementation.