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Transportation Labor celebrates expansion of TSO collective bargaining rights

By Admin

Washington, DC – Greg Regan, president of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), issues this statement applauding the expansion of union rights and worker protections to America’s TSA Workforce:

“For nearly two decades, Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) have placed themselves in harm’s way to keep travelers and transportation workers safe by screening passengers and baggage at airports, mass transit systems and large public gatherings. This dedicated workforce has performed these duties even in the midst of dangerous government shutdowns and a crippling global pandemic. Despite the immense role TSOs play in our national safety and security, these federal workers have repeatedly been denied their rights to basic worker protections enjoyed by other federal employees. Now there is recognition from the highest levels of government that this must change.

“By directing the TSA to expand union rights to this essential workforce, the Biden administration has taken steps to ensure our nation’s 45,000 TSOs receive the dignity, respect, fair pay, due process, and collective bargaining rights they need and deserve.

“Transportation labor applauds the Biden administration for recognizing the inequities TSOs have long endured, and urges TSA to move swiftly in accordance with the directive. We also call on Congress to cement into law protections for TSOs by passing the Rights for the TSA Workforce Act.”