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Statement on White House Infrastructure Meeting

By Admin

Washington, DC — Larry I. Willis, president of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), issues this statement in response to today’s infrastructure meeting between President Trump and Democratic leadership:

“By coming together and calling for trillions to be invested in our nation’s infrastructure, the White House and Democratic leadership are showing they understand the severity of the crisis we face. Today’s meeting should send an encouraging signal to frontline transportation workers and to all those who rely on our infrastructure network.

“The focus must now be on paying for an infrastructure package. We have long called for an increase in federal user fees to stabilize the Highway Trust Fund so we can rebuild our nation’s neglected highways, bridges, and transit systems. Real federal dollars must also be committed to ensure our seaports, rail networks, and aviation system can support a 21st-century economy and compete on the world stage.

“Elected leaders must also take this opportunity to protect and create the kinds of jobs that allow working people a chance at a middle-class lifestyle. An infrastructure package cannot move forward without high labor standards and Buy America rules.

“For too long, working families have paid the price of our failure to invest in infrastructure in the form of grueling commutes to and from work, stressful airport delays, unpredictable transit trips, and stagnating wages. Elected leaders can fix these self-inflicted wounds, but doing so will require bold leadership from the White House and elected leaders on both sides of the aisle.”