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Transportation Unions Vow Strong Fight for Workers In Time of Economic Crisis and Security Threats

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Demand Bold Federal Action; Commit to Grassroots Effort

Las Vegas, NV — Uniting behind an aggressive agenda to advance the economic, safety, and security interests of transportation workers and the nation, leaders of the AFL-CIO’s Transportation Trades Department (TTD) vowed today to stop the misguided and anti-worker policies of the Bush administration and corporate leaders.

At the biannual meeting of TTD’s Executive Committee, leaders of 35 AFL-CIO transportation unions committed to legislative, regulatory, and political efforts to combat federal policies of dangerous neglect for both the security and efficiency of the nation’s transportation system. The union leaders condemned corporate practices — aided and abetted by compliant federal officials — which run counter to the best interests of both passengers and transportation workers.

“We must be more aggressive, we must challenge those who seek to harm our workers, and we must confront politicians in their own back yards,” TTD President Edward Wytkind said.

TTD leaders committed to a grassroots effort to be better organized in key states and congressional districts around the nation, allowing transportation workers to speak directly to their elected officials on issues facing transportation workers.

Also at the meeting, five policy statements were unanimously adopted, calling for greater transportation security; the defeat of a railroad industry-Bush administration proposal to silence rail workers; a re-write of laws governing the transport of hazardous materials; greater federal oversight of rail safety; and stopping the White House effort to kill Amtrak. Click here for copies of these statements.

Earlier today, transportation union leaders re-elected Edward Wytkind as TTD President, and Michael Ingrao as Secretary-Treasurer. Wytkind and Ingrao, who have held these posts since 2003, will serve five-year terms.

TTD represents 35 member unions in the rail, aviation, transit, trucking, highway, longshore, maritime and related industries. For more information, visit

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