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Statement on Transportation Secretary LaHood’s Departure

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WASHINGTON, DC—Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD) President Edward Wytkind issued the following statement following the announcement of the imminent departure of Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood:

“Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s departure from the President’s Cabinet is a loss for the nation as we strive to address America’s mounting passenger and freight transportation needs.

“Secretary LaHood has been a forceful advocate for a safe and modern transportation system.  He oversaw a historic $48 billion transportation economic stimulus program that created or saved hundreds of thousands of jobs. He sent a clear message that our economic recovery will stall if we failed to repair, upgrade and expand our battered transportation infrastructure and boost domestic transportation manufacturing. And he implemented major policy initiatives that will spur innovation and save lives.

“On a personal note, I have known Secretary LaHood for almost 20 years. He has always sought our views and collaborated with us. His door is always open whether you are a Republican or Democratic, or if you advocate for labor or management. That is a rare quality seen today in Washington. His greatest legacy may actually turn out to be his ability to put passion and principle over politics.

“We applaud Secretary LaHood for his service to this Administration and look forward to partnering with him again in the future on the critical transportation challenges that lie ahead.”


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