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Statement on Senate Democrats’ Infrastructure Proposal

By Admin

Washington, DC — Larry I. Willis, president of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), issues this statement on the Senate Democrats Jobs and Infrastructure Plan for America’s Workers:


“At a time when the middle class is struggling, wages are stagnating, and our nation’s infrastructure is on the brink of failure, the proposal released today by Sen. Schumer and Senate Democrats will rebuild America, create good jobs, and spur economic growth.

“By pairing federal investments with enhanced Buy America rules, comprehensive labor protections, and contracting standards that enforce workers’ rights, this proposal puts working people at the center of a national infrastructure agenda.

“By relying on significant federal funding – as opposed to state resources – this plan ensures projects of all shapes, sizes, and geographic locations will be funded. It also recognizes that our nation’s infrastructure cannot be paid for with cuts to other domestic priorities, heeds our call to stabilize the Highway Trust Fund, and ensures the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share.

“Finally, this plan tackles the severity of our infrastructure crisis by directing substantial funding toward every corner of our vast transportation system, from our dilapidated roads, bridges, and transit systems to our outdated ports, airports, and rail networks.

“For too long, we have treated our transportation and broader infrastructure as though it doesn’t matter and working families have paid the price. This proposal turns the tides by ensuring investments made will rebuild our country and put working people first.”