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Rail Unions Welcome FRA’s Two-Person Crew Rule 

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WASHINGTON – Greg Regan, President of the Transportation Trades Department (TTD) of the AFL-CIO, released the following statement in response to the Federal Railroad Administration’s (FRA) proposed rule establishing a minimum requirement of two person crews for most freight and passenger railroad operations:

“Transportation labor welcomes the FRA’s proposed rule requiring a minimum of two crew members on trains and establishing minimum requirements for the location of crewmembers on a moving train to promote safe and effective teamwork. 

“This proposed rule acknowledges that crew size is fundamentally a safety issue at its core. By creating a federal standard across the industry, the FRA can address the significant safety concerns presented by railroads operating with single person crews.

“We will be further evaluating the proposed rule and submitting our formal opinion before the close of the comment period on Sept. 26, 2022, to ensure the FRA establishes the strongest safety protections possible for workers and the public.”