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President Obama Focuses Lame Duck Congress on Job Creation, Middle-Class Tax Relief

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WASHINGTON, DC— Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD) President Edward Wytkind releases this statement following President Obama’s public remarks from the East Room today:

“President Obama couldn’t be more on target today when he laid out his priorities for middle-class job creation and tax relief as Congress considers legislation to avoid the so-called ‘fiscal cliff.’

“In revealing more about how he intends to spur job growth, the president said: ‘It’s a plan to put folks back to work, including our veterans, rebuilding our roads and our bridges, and other infrastructure.’

“We are committed to securing the bipartisan support needed to create millions of jobs by investing in our neglected transportation system. We also join the broader labor movement in opposing a ‘grand bargain’ on taxes and the federal budget that kills middle-class jobs, undermines Social Security and public health programs, and extends tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.”


The Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO, represents 32 member unions in the aviation, rail, transit, motor carrier, highway, longshore, maritime and related industries. For more information, visit us at or on Facebook and Twitter.

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