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On This Labor Day, We Pay Tribute to Transportation Workers

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WASHINGTON, DC—The following statement was issued by Edward Wytkind, president of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), in observance of Labor Day:

“On this Labor Day, we honor the tremendous efforts of transportation workers. Whether they board or service a bus or a train or an aircraft, move cargo at seaports or airports, build the roadways, or make sure that our entire system is safe and secure – together they keep a nation moving and we honor their service.

“But Labor Day also reminds us of the millions out of work or underemployed. In America we are signatory to an unwritten contract that binds us together. For generations, that contract has empowered workers to pursue the American Dream and to expect a chance to improve their lives through good and safe jobs, and middle-class wages.

“But the very foundation upon which our economy rests is weakening. And while working families suffer, a dangerous obsession with austerity in Washington is making it impossible to invest in the things that matter and that make our economy strong – like our transportation system and infrastructure. Our political leaders must push back against this austerity agenda and advance a serious job creation agenda.

“On Monday we officially honor the contributions, large and small, of transportation workers and all working people in this nation. We also pledge to step up our game in defending and creating good jobs, empowering more workers to form and join unions, and ending the neglect of our transportation system that is harming the economy, making us less competitive and idling millions of jobs.”

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