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Investment in Infrastructure an Important Component of Any Stimulus Package

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The following statement was offered by Edward Wytkind, President of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO:

“There is no doubt working people are reeling as the U.S. economy continues to weaken. As the Administration and Congressional leaders take action to spur the economy and create jobs, we urge all involved to include investment in transportation infrastructure as an important component of the plan.

“For every billion federal dollars spent in transportation and infrastructure almost 50,000 workers will secure family-supporting jobs. Many plans exist that could quickly direct new investments in transit, highways, bridges, rail, aviation and ports by targeting projects that can be launched within a few months.

“The way to get money into the hands of working people is to make sure there are more good jobs with good wages. By investing in the country’s aging infrastructure, we would not only put thousands of people to work but also address a critical need.

“Workers who operate, build, and repair our transportation system grow weary of speeches in Washington when they see little effort to create real family-supporting jobs. It is disturbing that in news accounts this morning the Administration and some in Congress are rejecting federal investments in transportation and other infrastructure as part of stimulus legislation.

“This is a defining moment for those elected to lead.  We urge Congress and the President to move swiftly on a stimulus plan that includes targeted and increased investments in transportation infrastructure.”


The Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO, represents 32 member unions in the aviation, rail, transit, trucking, highway, longshore, maritime and related industries. For more information, visit

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