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President Trump’s Decision to End COVID-19 negotiations is Reckless and Irresponsible

By Admin

Washington, DC — Earlier today, President Trump decided to end COVID-19 relief negotiations until after the election — a move that will harm working people, including those on the frontlines of our transportation system. TTD President Larry Willis issues this statement in response:

“By walking away from Congressional COVID-19 relief negotiations, President Trump is abdicating the responsibilities of his office and the commitment he made to the American people. This irresponsible and reckless decision puts our economy and millions of lives at risk.

“Democratic lawmakers were attempting to negotiate in good faith to meet the needs of working families. Those efforts have now been sabotaged, and working people will pay the price. The frontline transportation workers who have been at the center of COVID-19 relief efforts have real financial and health and safety needs that deserve immediate congressional action. The game president Trump is playing will have severe immediate and long-term consequences that will disproportionately impact those who have been seeing us through this crisis.”