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New NMB Rule Undermines Aviation and Rail Workers

By Admin

Washington, DC — Larry Willis, president of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), issues this statement in response to the National Mediation Board (NMB) releasing a final rule specifically designed to make it easier to decertify unions in the rail and aviation sectors:

“The NMB’s rule is an attempt by government officials to hand even more power to corporations at the expense of working people. Not only is this rule unnecessary, but it is ill-timed and tone deaf to the needs of aviation and rail workers, who face unprecedented pressure from industry giants.

“A union contract is the most effective tool workers have to make life better for themselves and their families. Yet, the two Republican Board members supporting this decision just made it easier to decertify unions in the rail and aviation sectors and bar employees from being able to vote for union representation for two years after decertification.

“High union density in the aviation and rail industries have allowed working people to bargain for good wages, safety improvements, and retirement security. Today’s decision undercuts these long fought-for standards, opens the door to unnecessary labor-management instability, and is directly counter to recent activism by rail and aviation workers to further improve their workplaces.”

“We will continue to speak out against this rule and all other efforts to limit collective action by working people throughout our transportation system and across the economy.”