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House Homeland Security Subcommittee Examines Rise In Firearms Seized At Airport Checkpoints

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As Reported by CBS Miami

Representatives from Miami International Airport and Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson Airport testified before lawmakers in the House as part of a national effort to tackle the surge in weapons discovered at TSA checkpoints nationwide.

Last year, the U.S. broke a record for guns found in carry-on luggage. An alarmingly high number of those weapons were loaded.

“The increase of firearms at checkpoints is a function of an individual gun owner’s lack of responsibility – be it forgetfulness or a misguided belief that weapons will not be discovered,” said Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport General Manager Balram Bheodari.

This comes as pandemic-era travel in the U.S. has seen a rise in unruly traveler behavior.

“It is paramount that the current crisis of assaults does not escalate even further to the point of gun violence,” said Greg Regan, president of Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO.

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