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Transportation Manufacturing

With billions of public dollars set to be spent in the coming years to improve our nation’s aging rail and transit fleets, taxpayers and workers need assurances that these investments are and will be leveraged to achieve the greatest possible economic impact and to grow U.S. jobs. TTD and its member unions:

Push for legislation to strengthen and harmonize Buy America laws across all modes of transportation to help ensure that federal money is spent here at home rather than sent overseas.

Work to close loopholes and increase the transparency and accountability of federal Buy America laws.

Advocate for effective regulation and enforcement of existing procurement policies to ensure that excessive and unnecessary waivers to federal laws – which hurt U.S. job growth – aren’t granted.

Pair our legislative work with grassroots advocacy as part of the Jobs to Move America coalition. We utilize a two-pronged approach to improving transportation procurement: by pushing for stronger laws while advocating for better contracts through Jobs to Move America, we raise federal and local standards to create jobs and boost the economy.