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TTD works with the unions that represent flight attendants, pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers, ramp workers, FAA maintenance employees and inspectors, customer service agents, and others to keep America’s skies safe and to protect the jobs and rights of aviation workers.

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From school buses to motorcoaches, buses help Americans of all ages and backgrounds get where they need to go.

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With more than 4 million miles of public roadways, our interstate highway system and the cars, buses, and trucks that travel them are key to keeping America moving—but investment in our highways and bridges is flagging.

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Our maritime workers, ports, and waterways are vital to the U.S. economy, safety, and national security.

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Public Transit

Public transit ridership is growing across the country, with subway systems, bus networks, and light rail helping Americans get to their destinations quickly and safely and supporting businesses that need reliable commuter systems for their employees.

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Between carrying passengers from city to city and moving a vast array of freight across the country, rail is a critical piece of our diverse transportation system.

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Transportation Manufacturing

With billions of public dollars set to be spent in the coming years to improve our nation’s aging rail and transit fleets, taxpayers and workers need assurances that these investments are and will be leveraged to achieve the greatest possible economic impact and to grow U.S. jobs.

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