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Hit Hard by Covid-19, Transit Workers Call for Shutdowns

As reported by Laura Bliss in CityLab. The life of a transit worker was never easy in the United States. Then along came coronavirus. To enable the livelihoods of other essential workers, thousands of bus drivers, track repairers, yard masters, cleaners and others are still showing up to their jobs amid the pandemic. But the […]

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Rail labor groups seek federal oversight on temporary waivers

As reported by Yahoo! Finance. The Transportation Trades Department (TTD) of the AFL-CIO is asking Administrator Ron Batory of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to ensure that the freight railroads are using furloughed workers first before seeking a waiver to be exempt from safety-related regulations. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, FRA had declared emergency relief provisions be available, which […]

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How Labor Unions Won Historic Pay Protection For Aviation Workers

As Reported By Ted Reed for Forbes   As Congress prepares to approve a $2 trillion stimulus bill to mitigate the financial impact of the corona virus, airline labor unions appear to have achieved unprecedented success in extending its protections to their workers. The bill provides $31 billion in direct grants to pay as many […]

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Betting on a Big Bailout

As Reported By Andrew Soergel for U.S. News & World Report CALLS FOR GOVERNMENT bailouts are growing louder across industries as the coronavirus pandemic and Americans’ self-isolation response grinds domestic economic activity to a standstill. Bailouts have traditionally been thorny subjects on Capitol Hill, but President Donald Trump’s administration is pushing lawmakers to prop up industries […]

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Airline unions work to attach employee-friendly conditions to coronavirus bailout

As Reported By Andrew Keiper for Fox News Amid a sharp decline in revenue, airline unions and advocates are working in tandem to lobby the government for a financial bailout that will keep the industry afloat and ensure workers receive direct compensation and benefits. The Department of Treasury has circulated a three-stage stimulus package that would include […]

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Planes, trains and motorcoaches seek bailouts as virus hammers demand

As Reported By Keith Laing for The Detroit News Washington — Reduced demand for travel due to the coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on the nation’s transportation systems. Airlines, Amtrak and bus services are feeling the pinch and looking for help from Washington. The requests for help piled up quickly as lawmakers scramble to prevent an economic […]

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‘No blank check’ for airlines seeking more than $50 billion in coronavirus aid, Democrats warn

As Reported By Leslie Josephs and Lauren Hirsch for CNBC The more than $50 billion in government aid U.S. airlines are seeking as the coronavirus ravages their businesses must include worker and consumer protections, Democratic lawmakers and labor unions said Tuesday. They criticized airlines for spending years of windfall profits buying back their own stock. “No blank check […]

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GOP lukewarm on talk of airline bailout

As Reported By Jordain Carney, Niv Elis and Alex Gangitano for The Hill Pressure to extend tens of billions in federal relief to the struggling airline industry is being met with grumbles from top Republicans on Capitol Hill. GOP senators appeared lukewarm to the idea of a bailout, though they also appeared to acknowledge that […]

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Democratic Candidates Court Unions With Infrastructure Pitch

As Reported By Ken Thomas for The Wall Street Journal LAS VEGAS—Democratic presidential candidates said Sunday that the U.S. faces an urgent need to rebuild the nation’s roads, bridges and highways, appealing to union workers ahead of Nevada’s Feb. 22 caucuses. Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer courted several labor unions Sunday at […]

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Trump is again asking Congress to slash Amtrak funding

As Reported By Luz Lazo for The Washington Post President Trump is again asking Congress to slash federal aid to the nation’s passenger railroad by cutting funding for Amtrak, including its network in the Northeast Corridor, which stretches from Washington to Boston, by more than half. Trump’s proposed 2021 budget delivered to Congress on Monday includes reductions […]

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