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Welcome to MoveAmerica

By Admin

Welcome to the launch by the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD) of MoveAmerica – a forum in the blogosphere for the serious issues facing transportation workers.

And it couldn’t come at a better time.

With Congress currently engaged in debate over surface transportation funding, which is on the verge of being extended for the ninth time, with all transportation investments on the chopping block in the House, and with a presidential contest featuring candidates who are spouting anti-union rhetoric, those that actually keep our economy moving in the passenger and freight transportation industry need to be clear on what’s at stake.

MoveAmerica is dedicated to those workers.

The coming months will be tough ones for those of us who want to rebuild and modernize our transportation system and infrastructure – invest in our transit and rail systems, our airports and air traffic control, our bridges and highways, our ports and waterways. The consequences of not acting are dire as congestion chokes our economy and millions remain jobless.

It’s clearly time lawmakers and the public hear from those that MoveAmerica every day! And we have so many more issues to tackle—from safety and security to workers’ rights including the right to form and join unions.

Follow our feed for the latest news on federal transportation policy, insider happenings in Congress, and what the membership of our 32 affiliated unions is doing to make sure the voices of transportation workers are heard across this nation. And because transportation is a global business, we welcome opinions from abroad.

But this isn’t a one-way conversation. We need to hear from you. We’ll eagerly await your comments and your ideas on the issues of the day. And if you want to send some photos representing workers and our industry for sharing, please email them to

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—Edward Wytkind, president