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The Research on Romney/Ryan: It Isn’t Pretty

By Admin

Did you know that Mitt Romney was a director of an airline that ran an illegal anti-union campaign against pilots while leading Bain Capital? Or that Paul Ryan championed and voted for a federal budget that slashes transportation funding 46 percent and destroys 500,000 jobs a year?

Check out our new presentation to see what, exactly, the Republican presidential nominee and his running mate think is the right plan for America’s transportation system and the economy it powers. You’ll find a long history of all-out assaults on unions, collective bargaining rights, worker protections, transportation investments and middle-class jobs.

Working Americans already know Romney and Ryan want to raise their taxes in order to give yet more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires, but many aren’t aware of their plans to gut our publicly supported transportation system and infrastructure and make America uncompetitive.  A Romney/Ryan administration wouldn’t just slash federal infrastructure investments, but would impose their vision of privatizing and outsourcing good transportation jobs to the lowest bidders.

When you review this presentation, you’ll see exactly what is at stake and at risk in the presidential election.  See for yourself.

Romney Research Powerpoint in PDF